I Just Want to Chain Lightning Forever in Diablo 3

I just want to be Thor, is that so much to ask?

One of my latest gaming projects was getting all the classes to 70 in Diablo 3 on PS4. With a level 25 Gem of Ease it went very quickly (we’re talking 30 levels in 5 minutes), and I’m happy to report I’m now only one trophy away from the platinum (90 bounties left out of 500 total…)

After power leveling all my magical warriors to 70, I decided to keep running bounties on my wizard because I fell in love with Electrocute, one of the signature spells. It just warms my heart to watch rapid-fire bolts of lightning arc through a pack of baddies.

I haven’t been pursuing any of the standard, powerful wizard builds, just messing around with my skills and gear as I find new things. It just so happens a lot of the stuff I’ve found has turned me into a lightning-hurling badass. Now I’m not talking top-tier or anything, but I’ve been happily blasting my way through Torment 3 and probably won’t worry about advancing until I find a few more set pieces. I’m really enjoying it right now, but I bet I’ll feel like a change sometime soon.

For now, these are the active skills I’m using:

  • Electrocute – Chain Lightning. Lightning damage with a chance to chain to 10 enemies? Yes please.
  • Teleport – Fracture. My secret escape trick also summons 2 decoys who cast MORE lightning spells.
  • Stop Time. A great control trap, especially when my decoys drop even more bubbles on the field. It doesn’t actually matter which rune I have equipped, since my Crown of the Primus grants the effects of ALL of them.
  • Hydra – Lightning Damage. More lightning damage, thanks.
  • Storm Armor – Shocking Aspect. Extra lightning damage on critical hits.
  • Blizzard – Lightning Storm. Affected enemies take 15% more lightning damage.

And the killer passive skill Paralysis, which gives my lightning damage a 15% chance to stun for 1.5. When you’re blasting out as much electricity as I am, this procs almost constantly.

The skills are great, but these legendary skills are the real key to turning into a living lightning storm:

  • Fulminator. Lightning damage has a chance to turn enemies into lightning rods, blasting out an extra lightning AOE for 5 seconds.
  • The Shame of Delsere. Electrocute attacks 50% faster and restores more arcane power! This probably isn’t my BEST option, but I haven’t found anything great to replace it with yet.

And it wouldn’t be a build without some crazy gear:

  • Wreath of Lightning (Gem). 15% chance on hit to deal even more lightning damage all around me.
  • Myken’s Ball of Hate. This lets Electrocute jump back to enemies it’s already hit, so when I’m firing into a huge pack of enemies it pretty much just creates a constant field of electricity all around them.
  • Depth Diggers. Primary skills deal 90% additional damage. Since I use Electrocute so much, this is amazing.
  • Aether Walker. Removes the cooldown on teleport, so I can hop around the battlefield dropping decoys and firing off bolts of lightning without getting nailed down.

As I said, this build is totally unoptimized, cobbled together from whatever drops I found while leveling and running bounties. It may not be the best, but it’s really fun to watch!


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