I Just Want to Chain Lightning Forever in Diablo 3

I just want to be Thor, is that so much to ask? One of my latest gaming projects was getting all the classes to 70 in Diablo 3 on PS4. With a level 25 Gem of Ease it went very quickly (we're talking 30 levels in 5 minutes), and I'm happy to report I'm now … Continue reading I Just Want to Chain Lightning Forever in Diablo 3


My Divinity Party

My party: A heavy-hitting, 2-handed weapon wielding warrior. A dual wand-wielding witch with a touch of geomancy. A ranged master of many debilitating arrows. A wizard hurling spells of wind and water. More on this later.

Gaming Blips

My gameplay has been pretty scattered over the past few weeks, but here's a rundown of what I've been focusing on: Just Cause 3 My lizard brain likes to see things explode. It's a good thing, because that's pretty much all Just Cause has going for it. Well, explosions and the immeasurable joy of gliding over (sometimes … Continue reading Gaming Blips

Bloodcurdling Blogs – A Light in the Dark

Well this would have been great to start the first of the month, but better late than never! October means Halloween, means spooky stories. I love reading creepy, ambiguous horror, the type of fiction that makes you feel like something's skulking just on the periphery of your mind's eye. But I've never really tried writing … Continue reading Bloodcurdling Blogs – A Light in the Dark