A Loop of Destiny

I've been playing Destiny on PS4. It's not perfect. The story is incoherent and bland (though a dig through the grimoire cards on bungie.net reveals considerably more interesting world building). Boss fights could use a chop to their HP, and maybe a more varied pool of tactics. There are more, though few have made enough … Continue reading A Loop of Destiny

Dungeon Delving in Diablo 3

The world of Sanctuary is a giant, gothic pinata filled with gold, gems, and skull-studded pauldrons. Crowds of colorful demons explode with all kinds of loot, an upgrade around every corner, and I've spent the last few weeks in front of the PS4 hoovering up as much as I can. When Diablo 3 first came out … Continue reading Dungeon Delving in Diablo 3

Beta Blitz

Two upcoming beta events have caught my eye... Archeage I've been watching Archeage since before they started offering founder's packs to get into the alpha. $150 was way too steep for me to consider. Now that the first closed beta event begins tomorrow, $50 for access to that isn't looking terrible... but I don't really … Continue reading Beta Blitz

Return to Tyria

Somehow, I've hooked myself on Guild Wars 2 again. Last time I played regularly I leveled a thief to mid-forties before the inevitable burnout. Now, I've just passed 60 with a hulking, be-spiked Charr warrior. It feels good, and fun, and for the first time with this game a level 80 feels within my reach. It doesn't … Continue reading Return to Tyria