What have I had my hands on lately?

Destiny. Still going. I managed to find an excellent static group for raiding, so I’m online at least once a week for that. I don’t feel much pull to upgrade gear or anything, so I’m not grinding through daily bounties much anymore. Just having fun with friends a few times a week!

I don’t know what kind of legs Destiny will have. The raids are fun, but the rest of the game is lackluster, and without some heavy duty improvements in the next expansion it’ll probably drop out of my rotation.

Infamous: First Light. Free through PS+ this month. The story is short, and only really interesting if you like Fetch as a character, but that’s not where the attraction lies: this game has a kickass battle arena. You’re either trying to survive endless waves of enemies or rescue hostages as they pop up. In the later waves it gets really challenging, but you get fun boosts like invulnerability, super blasts, and infinite melee finishers to help you tackle the mobs that spawn. I like it a lot, and I think I’m gonna try for the platinum.

Diablo 3. I hopped back into this a few weeks ago when Blizzard gave us a 100% experience boost for the weekend, and I used that to get my hardcore monk to 70. Rediscovered a little bit of love for smashing and looting in the process, not to mention my brother just started playing this and i’s fun to run rifts with him. Currently debating between trying to gear up my crusader to tackle Torment 6 or just start more characters and mess around.

The Swapper. I played a few hours of this on PC then dropped it, but I’d like to clear it now that it’s free on PS+.

Dragon Age: Inquisition. Woooow. This or Destiny probably my game of the year for 2014. I finished my first playthrough at around 80 hours, almost entirely satisfied by the experience. I was getting a little burned out on the side quests at the end, but I was still having enough fun to immediately start a second character. This time I’ll be sneaking around a dagger-wielding rogue.

Persona 4. I have finally almost reached the end of this one, after playing it on and off since sometime early this summer. The more time I put into this, the more psyched I get for the next installment. Which is hopefully still coming out this year? Anyway, I’ve hit the point toward the end where I have access to some crazy demon fusions, and I really need to sit down, spend a little time, and try to create some of the awesome ones. Now I just have to decide if I want to put time into a second run and access more of the super secret stuff at the ending…

I’ve been trying to play a lot of games lately on relatively little free time, so I’ve been a little scattered. In the midst of this, I still find myself wanting to pick up FF14 again, especially with the first expansion dropping in just a few months. It seems to be the MMO with the best support out there right now, and I reeeeeally like the look of some of the new classes coming, especially Dark Knight. I might resub to this soon and mess around in preparation for the summer, when I’ll have a lot more free time.


FF14: Cinema Showcase

One of my favorite features of FF14 is the beautiful world it gives you to explore, and many of the cinema scenes take advantage of that. A few nights ago I made it to GLD 30 and took some screenshots from cinema scenes in the story quest.

SPOILERS for the level 30 gladiator quest follow.

ffxiv 2013-10-20 20-09-21-66
First I rescue Aldis from his execution at Highbridge.

ffxiv 2013-10-20 20-09-28-16
The gladiator guild master, Mylla, shows up in the nick of time to throw him his sword.

ffxiv 2013-10-20 20-09-51-75
Turns out Aldis was framed by Leavold, his old partner in the Coliseum.

ffxiv 2013-10-20 20-09-40-16
His lackeys show up…

ffxiv 2013-10-20 20-26-52-45
…and Mylla and I lead the charge against them!

ffxiv 2013-10-20 20-27-02-05
After the lackeys are down, we watch Aldis and Leavold battle at Highbridge’s edge…

ffxiv 2013-10-20 20-27-13-96
…and Aldis emerges victorious!

It was a pretty exciting story mission, and felt like a good milestone marker for the class. I had to fight my way up the walkways of Highbridge to join Mylla in battle, where she held down a mob of attackers and I focused on taking out healers and mages before they could gang up on her. Good times! Now that I’ve hit GLD 30 I need to get conjurist to 15 so I can unlock the Paladin job. I’m glad I only have to level it to fifteen…

ffxiv 2013-10-21 06-45-09-67
…because I don’t think my bulky Roegadyn looks quite as natural in robes!

FF14: Incinerating Ifrit

After the three introductory dungeons, FF14 throws us up against Ifrit, the first of the Primals (basically gods for the beastmen) we get to crush in Eorzea. Ring of fire, anyone?

A quick note on those first three dungeons:
They’re required to progress through the main story, and I can’t decide whether it’s archaic or weirdly charming. In WoW, some of the main quest chains in zones will lead up to the dungeons, but they don’t require yuo to tunr them for story progression. You can skip right over them if you want! But some of the dungeons in FF14, like so much of its other content, are slotted into the backbone of the main story. It seems old school, but I kind of like it.

I would like it MORE if the first dungeon you run wasn’t this incredibly boring pirate-themed cave, but at least you only have to run it once. The second and third introduce much more interesting boss mechanics to break up the tank-n-spank, the environments are better, and I think they’re actually shorter too. The Tam Taru Deepcroft was my favorite of the three, with vertical construction and a crazy squid-head final boss. Didn’t take any screenshots of that, sorry!

But back on topic: IFRIT.

I’m leveling up as a gladiator first so I queued as a tank, my friend joined up as a DPS thaumaturge, and we were only in the duty finder for a minute before we had our last two party members. It’s a pretty straightforward fight, mostly tank-n-spank for me, but he does have a few mechanics to watch out for.


  • Big ol’ fire AOE. Whenever you see swirly fire patterns on the ground beneath you, move or you’re getting hot feet. He does two different bursts. One directly beneath him, which I think the tank just has to take. Melee DPS might have to move out to keep pressure off the healer. I’m not sure. he also does a ring of bursts around the outside of the arena, so ranged DPS and healers have to watch out for that.
  • Kill the nail. At some point he’ll summon a big red nail. I don’t know if he can do it multiple times, but we only ran into it once. DPS need to kill that ASAP, because he’ll do a massive AOE soon and if the Nail is still up he will kill everyone. Not cool!

But we didn’t run into any problems and I knocked him out on the first try! No loot reward, but the following cut scene offered some more info on the overarching Big Bads I haven’t really encountered yet.

I like tanking as a gladiator okay, but I really don’t have that many options. Right now it feels a lot more passive than what I’ve been doing in TSW, but I’m guessing that will change as I get further into the main story and mechanics advance. I’m looking forward to hitting 30 and unlocking the Paladin job, and I might switch up and do some tanking as a marauder too.

Has anyone else been running dungeons in FF14? How do you like the gameplay as a tank, healer, or DPS compared to that in other games?