After 30 Hours in Destiny

A list of things I have accomplished…

Reached level 25. I was stuck at 23 with a full set of blues, but I reached Vanguard rank 2 and spent some marks on purple gloves, then got lucky and received a chest piece from a purple engram dropped in the Crucible. If I get purples to replace my helm and shoes, I should hit 26 and be ready (gulp) for the raid.

Earned my first exotic weapon. It’s a machine gun called Super Good Advice. It has low stability so it kind of sprays bullets everywhere. I don’t love it, but it does feel special to have a beast like this in my armory. There’s a rare chance, whenever you turn in a bounty mission, to pick from 3 exotic bounties, which have 3 parts. My first task was to search chests on Mars, and would have built more suspense/anticipation if I haven’t found what I was looking for in the first one I opened. The second stage was to buy an item from the vendor who’s only available on weekends. I started this bounty on Friday, so was able to pass this stage immediately. The last stage was to kill 500 enemies with machine guns, which took a few days and kind of just felt like a grind. At the end of it, I like the concept of exotic bounties, but wish the required tasks were more interesting and had more story to them. Maybe some of the others are more interesting.

Tried farming. Yes, I have visited the cave on Russia a few times, each for no more than 15 minutes. I got a few blue engrams and quickly grew bored. Though a public event can pop there, so that’s kind of nice if you just want to kill a little time.

Enjoyed the Crucible. I’ve never been very good at competitive FPS. My K/D ratio in Modern Warfare 2, the last one I played for any significant length of time, was atrocious. I’ve actually been having fun and performing decently in Destiny, consistently near the top of the leader boards. The Titan’s shoulder charge ability is almost entirely to thank for this.

Made new friends. I’m a solo player in almost everything, even MMOs, but I’ve been having a blast running with other people in Destiny. It probably helps the headset I picked up is super comfortable (Sony Gold). I’ve been playing with one new real life friend, a few randoms I met on reddit, and one of my old college roommates who just picked up a PS4. It’s nice to feel connected.

Overcome challenges. Once you hit some of the high-level missions in Destiny, you run into serious difficulty. Enemies have elemental which require a certain damage type, and you can only have elemental damage on your secondary and heavy weapons. A little coordination with your Fireteam helps here.

Two challenging missions have made a real strong impression so far. First, I ran last week’s heroic strike with two new friends from reddit. It was TOUGH, and the last boss fight saw us talking a lot, coordinating supers and running around reviving each other. The boss is a bullet sponge, sure, but it’s still a fun fight. The adds require you to shift your attention, and you’re never standing still for more than a few minutes.

Last night, I ran one of the new epic missions for the current Queen’s Guard event. It was me at level 25 with my friend and his buddy, both level 21, on a level 24 mission. They basically died in one hit, and this was a mission with a lot of Hobgoblins, which are infuriating Vex snipers. We had a lot of “oh shit” moments, and the boss fight at the end was hectic, exciting, and very satisfying to beat. Plus, guaranteed legendary.

30 hours in, I’m still having a blast with Destiny. I want to level up some of the factions to get new gear, and I’m looking forward to trying out the raid and higher level strikes. I haven’t tried the Hunter or Warlock classes yet. Crucible is still madly entertaining. I have enough strange coins to buy an exotic piece of armor this weekend, so I’m excited to see what the vendor has in stock.

But the current available content won’t last forever. Eventually I’ll get tired of all the strikes in the playlist. But if Bungie can keep up a cycle of interesting events, and the expansions contain enough to keep me busy, I can easily see putting another 100 hours into this game.

Right now, my main concern is that the expansion is going to cover little new territory. I don’t think we’re going to see a new planet, and I have a feeling the new story missions will overlap a lot with areas we’ve already visited. I hope I’m wrong!

Check out my Titan here: I’ll try to remember to grab screenshots soon, I’m terrible about remembering to take them on PS4.

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