80 & Clueless

Hey, I have my first 80 in Guild Wars 2! I hit level cap on my Charr warrior while roaming in WvW sometime last week, and since then I’ve been bouncing between different activities so much my head’s whirling. I always knew there was a lot to do in this game, but before I had always had one clear path of progression: just keep leveling. If I wasn’t sure what to do in the game, I was always secure in the knowledge that I was gaining experience, and could worry about the finer details once I hit 80. Well, the time is now! Here are a few things I’m struggling with…


I really wish GW2 had a build manager like The Secret World. Right now I’m running Sword & Warhorn / Longbow, but thinking of switching out the bow for a hammer, as I’ve heard that’s better. Mostly I’ve been sticking to Longbow just because it’s easy to tag a bunch of people and drop fire fields in WvW. For extra skills I’m running For the Victory, Stomp, Dolyak Signet, and Battle Standard for the Elite. I have to look up my skills when I get home…. but I think it’s something like 0/0/5/6/3. My goal for this build was to be useful in a WvW zerg, mostly, since I’m trying to focus on that until this season is done.

BUT I also want to be able to do decent damage, and I don’t know if that’s possible. So questions for warriors out there: are there any must-have traits you would recommend? Anything that works particularly well for the Sword&Horn/Hammer combo? Good ways to balance between group utility and damage-dealing? I’d like to set up a build that works pretty well in PvE too so I don’t have to switch back and forth. Any tips are much appreciated!


Right now I’m running all greens, with a rare or two in there, and I’m ready to upgrade! I just don’t know the best way to go about it. Between gold, karma, laurels, dungeon tokens, crafting, etc, there are so many different avenues to get gear I’m not really sure where to start. What are some of the most cost effective upgrades I can make?




3 thoughts on “80 & Clueless

  1. Grats on hitting 80!

    Trust me, you’re not the only one praying for GW2 to come up with something that can save and load builds. 🙂

    Unfortunately, WvW and PvE builds are going to be quite different on a warrior.

    In general, WvW zerg builds favor Soldiers’ gear with PVT stats for that extra resilience as most warriors and guardians are expected to be part of the frontline crashing into another zerg.

    PvE dungeon builds tend to stress berserker for maximum damage output, relying on dodges to mitigate damage.

    I’m not that well versed with WvW warrior builds, so I’d just point you to the Forthetoast forums and hope you can find something you like. There seems to be a -huge- variety and seems quite open to tweaking for preference.


    I don’t think you’ll go wrong owning a set of soldiers and a set of zerkers, with ascended zerker jewelry, personally, but I’m really not great with specific WvW warrior builds.

    As for how to go about it… exotics are definitely the baseline to look at. If you’ve any karma at all, PVT gear can be bought for karma at Temples in Orr.

    For zerker, unless you’ve leveled armorsmith and have extra mats while you were leveling – in which case you might see if you can craft anything – the two options I’d suggest mixing and matching is to use WvW badges of honor to buy armor and weapons, and perhaps learning an easy dungeon for tokens. Citadel of Flame path 1 and 2 are very frequently run, just let folks know you’re new and might need prompts on what to do.

    Jewelry and trinkets are a bit more interesting. I’d check what builds you plan on running and seeing if zerker trinkets are acceptable in those. If so, get an Ascended amulet for WvW badges + laurels in WvW (should be cheaper than just laurels.)

    If you have or can find a guild that does guild missions, Ascended earrings are available for guild commendations, which can save on your laurels.

    The decision for Ascended rings will be a bit tougher, it’s either laurels or run a whole bunch of fractals up to level 10+ for fractal relics. Or settle for exotics first.

    1. Oh man, I can’t tell you how helpful this is! I have a good chunk of both laurels & karma, so I should be able to get some gear upgrades ASAP. I already see a few builds that look really good too. I’m going to play with a few of those as a baseline and keep tweaking until I find some variations that feel good!

  2. If you have the Badges and you plan on doing a goodly amount of WvW then I think the Exotic vendors in Citadel are definitely the place to start. Compared to any other method they seem to be significantly cheaper and much of the work in selecting appropriate stats has already been done for you.

    I definitely wouldn’t worry about Ascended unless you plan on taking this whole thing very seriously. Exotics will do fine and coming from mostly greens you should see a massive increase in effectiveness by going orange.

    As for Warrior builds, have no idea! I have an 80 warrior but she’s one of my least-played 80s and I never take her to WvW.

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