Return to Tyria

Somehow, I’ve hooked myself on Guild Wars 2 again. Last time I played regularly I leveled a thief to mid-forties before the inevitable burnout. Now, I’ve just passed 60 with a hulking, be-spiked Charr warrior. It feels good, and fun, and for the first time with this game a level 80 feels within my reach.


It doesn’t take very long to accomplish dailies, so I mostly just focus on doing that as often as I can. If I finish and still want to play more, I’ll play more, otherwise I just drop it for the day. I’ve spent some decent time in WvW (also for the first time ever) and I can’t decide if it’s fun for me or not. I don’t love the zerg — it just feels mindless. On the other hand, following a commander and rolling over objectives is satisfying in ways I didn’t expect it to be. Since it’s the Spring tournament or whatever right now I’ll probably keep dropping into the battlegrounds every few days, at least until I get sick of it.

I’ve also caught myself scoping pictures of legendary weapons and googling what it requires to build one. The materials seem kind of insane right now, but I want to hit 80 and start working on one, just pursue it casually for awhile without committing to any kind of farming or OCD trading post antics.

It’s the latest patch that pulled me back, the one with a ton of balancing, QoL updates, and a much improved wardrobe system. Everything just feels slicker and easier to work with. Plus, the living story is currently on pause, so there’s no frantic feeling of content slipping through my fingers. It’s kind of crazy that so much of the content they released over the last year is inaccessible, at least currently, like MMO holiday events taken to the extreme and used as the roadmap for a whole game. Blegh. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’d much rather see static, engaging content added at a slower pace, like every two months instead of every two weeks.


7 thoughts on “Return to Tyria

    1. Hey thanks! I have a few friends who leveled new 80s about a month ago. Kicking myself for not joining them, but still having a lot of fun by myself. GW2 has finally clicked with me!

      Hah, I’m also in the same boat as you and trying REAL hard to stay away from that ArcheAge founder’s pack…

  1. It’s great to see returnees to Tyria! Seems the recent lull plus megaserver has been pulling a lot of people back in.

    I’d suggest looking at an Ascended weapon and seeing if you like the look (and stats) of one of those. It’s far -far- easier to reach one casually in a month or so, versus the year or more it may take for a Legendary without insane grinding or trading post antics.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Some of those look pretty sweet, and a lot more realistic hah. I don’t spend much time optimizing my gear while leveling, but I’m looking forward to hitting 80 and setting some build/gear goals to pursue.

  2. Hey, good to have you back! And good to see you’re enjoying GW2 again–it does seem to be a changing game and I’m enjoying what they’ve added/tweaked. 🙂

    1. Thanks! It’s so nice to be able to hop back into GW without worrying about a sub. I think my favorite of the new features might be the wardrobe so far… or at least the one I’ve spent the most time in!

      1. The wardrobe has been fun! A couple of my characters got some much-needed makeovers and it’s actually more fun to play them now, now that I don’t have to stare at armour I hate 😛

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