NBI Aftermath


Is October over already?! Unbelievable.

NBI 2013 has reached its end, and as the dust clears I can look around and see more than a few new friends. A “we survived” shoutout to some of my fellow NBI rookies:

I actually think I drew more motivation to blog just knowing there were others out there in the same boat than from any of the official NBI posts or sponsor tips. When you can follow along and encourage each other it really enhances the sense of community and helps build momentum!

It was also really nice to hear from some of the NBI sponsors reading, and those new connections mean a lot to me. I’ve really enjoyed talking to Ocho, TenTentacles and other about The Secret World, and hearing from more like Syp and Liore (and more, sorry I can’t remember them all!) who’ve featured links to me and other NBI bloggers. Many of the sponsors I’ve already been following, and it’s awesome to see so much engagement from them and join their ranks.

My goals for the moment are just to keep blogging! I’d like to branch out and talk about more games besides TSW (I have LOTRO and Fallen Earth in my sights), and instead of summarizing my gameplay and current events I think if I spend some more time thinking critically about MMO systems and mechanics it’ll help me grow. Definitely looking forward to producing more videos and getting into some livestreaming, too! The only difficulty I see in the near future is that November is National Novel Writing Month, so I’ll be pretty busy writing for the next 30 days. Just have to make sure I can stay balanced!

The end of October might mark the end of NBI, but it feels like the beginning of a whole lot more.


8 thoughts on “NBI Aftermath

  1. Not just gonna blog about TSW? Nowai!

    TBH, I don’t know that I really bother reading blogs that are only about one game. I’ll skip posts about games I’m not interested in, sure, but I still like to read about several games. That’s why Stargrace came up with NomadicGamers in the 1st place — a place where several people could post about a lot of different games. It’s died out now, I only post once a month or so, usually, and Stargrace is the only other person to post there at all anymore either and it’s usually just a copy/pasted press release when she does, since she’s got her MMOQuests.com blog where she does all of her “real” blogging. But anyway….. if you read my post history you’ll see I’ve blogged EVE, EQ2, Rift, TSW, Vanguard, etc. Currently I’m TSW’ing it up again, but that will eventually change again. Probably TESO when it comes out, but we’ll see.

    1. Right on! I’m looking forward to TESO too. I think blogging about multiple games definitely helps keep momentum, since you’re exposed to a lot of different systems and you can’t help but compare and contrast!

  2. It’s great to hear that you experienced the NBI in such a positive way! I hope for many more posts to come and I at least am already looking forward to any posts about LotRO or TESO!


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