Is That a Pumpkin On Your Head, or…


Halloween might not officially start until Thursday, but the spooky season kicked off  in The Secret World last Friday! I wasn’t around for any of the Cat God content last year, so it’s been awesome to be able to go through that chain, as well as the new stuff.


The Cat God quests have a cool storyline and excellent climax, and even though it doesn’t take very long to plow through the content I was happy with the rewards. I had been wondering where people got the filthy little cat that jumps through black holes, and the Samedi clothes are a few neat pieces to have lying around the closet. I think the NM version of the Cat God dungeon is new this year, and I still have to run that to try and get another cat for my collection. I’ve heard he drops 10.1 weapons too, but I don’t know if the skins are unique to the event or if you can get them anywhere else in game. I’ll try to get a few regardless!


I don’t know all the specifics for this, but the Cat God shows up as a random spawn called Incognito at different points throughout Kingsmouth too. I saw a bunch of people talking about it in general chat, but didn’t really understand the specifics. I feel a little bad because a lot of people were running around searching for him and I just ran into him on accident while I was working on the new League of Monster Slayers stories! I think he just runs away once you know enough of his health down, but he dropped a sack with some nifty new headgear before he got away.


I think this pumpkin head is one of the ones introduced last year, because it awarded me a 2012 Samhain achievement, and I don’t think the new ones from Jack have a glow. I like this one better! I have one 2012 achievement left, the one to get a bloody pumpkin head, but I’ve seen a lot of talk in the forums about how it’s unavailable this year. That kind of sucks, but I’m not enough of a completionist to worry about it too much. And maybe they’ll change their minds and add it back in. I’m also wearing a new torso piece from the event in that picture, the post abdominal surgery dressing. Very outpatient chic!

Aside from Cat God 2012 content, Funcom added in a really cool series of short, scary story style missions. In-game, the missions take you through short stories written by a handful of KM’s residents, prompted by Danny of the League of Monster Slayers. The missions are all pretty short and straightforward, but they go along way to add even more spooky flavor to the New England zones, and the text-content is pretty substantial. I haven’t read through all of them yet, but at the end of the meta-quest you get a book item that includes the whole collection! Very cool to have a lasting souvenir like that.


One of the missions for the League is a group quest to kill Jack. It requires five people collecting jack-o-lanterns and lighting them in a certain pattern to summon him, and once you’ve completed you earn a carved pumpkin in addition to other rewards. There are five different reward pumpkins with different expressions: sinister, stretched, happy, evil, and round. Apparently, if you summon him again with those five pumpkins in the right arrangement, you get SUPER JACK, an amped-up version of him with the same abilities and 12 million health. I was lucky enough to stumble on a group killing him the other morning. It’s similar to the Guardian fights where you get a quest credit that pops up once he’s down if you contribute, and he rewards a purple bag. I didn’t get anything good out of mine, but I’ll be watching in-game chat to see if I can get him again!

I’ve had a lot of fun with TSW’s Halloween content so far, and it’s been a good break from running filth missions. I still have to run the Cat God NM mission, maybe a few times, and I’m thinking about farming bags of tricks and treats to try for a few other cosmetic items. If you’re looking for a detailed guide to the event, the Halloween FAQ on the official forums is an awesome resource, and Sephora’s Closet has a roundup of cosmetic items. The Halloween content lasts through November 8, so you still have plenty of time to get in there and earn some fun treats!


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