MEGADIRGE in the Multiverse


It’s time to branch out! WordPress doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and I’ve started MEGADIRGE accounts to help connect with more NBI bloggers and the world-at-large:

  • Follow me on Twitter to get notifications for new posts, chat with me, and get links to other weird stuff I find.
  • Check out my channel on Youtube for random videos, working toward walkthroughs and guides.
  • Watch my Twitch stream to see how bad I am at games! I’ll post info for when I’m streaming here and on Twitter when I have it nailed down.
  • Stalk me on Steam to see some of the games I’m playing, and add me as a friend if you want to play together sometime.

If you look to your right you should see a few colorful little boxes with links to all these accounts too.

I’ve screwed around with gaming videos before but never really grasped the finer arts of optimization for Youtube. But over the last few months I’ve been doing a lot of video editing at work, and the other night I experimented with FRAPS while running the event portal in TSW and thought to myself, “You know, I’m pretty sure I actually have a handle on this stuff now.” Initial experiments have been a success! It took a little doing—I’m using Sony Vegas at home but I’ve been editing with different software at work—but I’m pretty sure I have all the settings down. The file size of raw footage is a little daunting, like in the range of 1GB for just less than a minute of video, but that just means I can finally use one of my two secondary internal HDDs for something productive.

Also, I’m thrilled to read about Nvidia Shadowplay, coming October 28. Looks like I upgraded my video card just in time! This’ll work as a built in recorder like FRAPS for more recent video cards, and unless I’m reading it wrong it’ll require less processing power, meaning less of a hit to game performance. And it’ll have a feature similar to what they’ve been crowing about for the new consoles: buffering the last 20 minutes of play in the background so you can look back and grab footage if something cool happens. I have high hopes for this and I’m really looking forward to trying it out.

I also got a Twitch channel set up and got some free streaming software running, in the form of Open Broadcaster Software. Pretty straightforward. I’m less comfortable with the thought of live streaming, and I don’t have a webcam yet so I won’t be doing any of that picture-in-picture face stuff, but it’s something I’d like to try. I think it’ll help if I have a clear purpose for each broadcast instead of just streaming random gameplay. A schedule’s not a bad idea, and I’ll try to get one set up and post it on here.

I don’t have a ton of content on any of these accounts yet, but it feels good to get started. Also, I’ve tried to follow more bloggers on Twitter, but I know there’s more out there I’m missing! Comment with your info so I can find you (or just follow me so I can follow you back). Check it out and let me know what you think! Very open to feedback and any tips on video/audio quality and stuff too. Do you have requests for video features you’d like to see?


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