TSW: Enter the Filth 2 Playthrough & Lore Locations

We’ve hit the next stage of The Whispering Tide and I have mixed feelings.

For me, I definitely like the mission in this stage a lot better than the last. As a tank it’s been very easy to find a group, and because the cooldowns from the missions are separate I can earn 5 fragments in about 20 minutes, and then be ready to run both missions again after a short wait. At the rate the tentacles are going down, I think these missions will be available for a good length of time too, so I’m not as worried about being able to earn enough fragments as I was.

On the other hand, I think it’s probably a lot more difficult for DPSers and people who haven’t beaten the Gatekeeper. It’s harder to find parties as DPS, and if you haven’t unlocked Nightmares you only have the one version of the dungeon available. A lot of groups just run the normal and then the Nightmare one right after the other, and they’re looking for players who can run both so they don’t have to spend time finding a replacement after the normal.


The developers have said this event is targeted at players who have been running endgame content, but this is the first time I think that’s really sunk in for me. The first Enter the Filth mission wasn’t too difficult to solo with a decent build and a mix of Q10 greens and blues. But at this stage, players who can run the Nightmare dungeon have a pronounced advantage for earning currency. Longtime players with a stockpile of resources already had a huge boost for earning slivers, and now it’s the same for fragments too.

It’s fair to reward loyal, active players, but it kind of sucks for newer people. This isn’t like a seasonal event where the same rewards might be available next year – this is a one-time thing.

Tough to nail down how I feel about this one! But thankfully the Halloween event should be available soon, and I’m really excited to see that for the first time. No mixed feelings there!


One thought on “TSW: Enter the Filth 2 Playthrough & Lore Locations

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