TSW: Killing Machine Achieved!


Akir the Sun Guardian, my last victim! After camping Kiya the Pharaoh’s Concubine for the last two days, she finally popped. Akir was the last rare spawn on my list, so I headed north into the canyons at the edge of the zone, figuring I would just park myself at his spawn point and try to catch him a few times in the morning. But he was already there when I showed up! Very satisfying to hit two of them right in a row like that.

The rewards for my hunting prowess are a title, One for the Ages, and this sweet jacket:


Unfortunately, my equipped weapons cover up the sweet design on the back of the jacket! Stupid flamethrower and chaos focus.

It’s kind of nice that my hunt for rares is finished just as the next phase of The Whispering Tide is beginning. From this post on the forums, it looks like we’re facing a similar mission to the last fragment one, only this time with two different versions for groups: normal and Nightmare, rewarding 2 and 3 fragments respectively. And they’re on different cooldowns, so that’s 5 fragments every half hour. I won’t be able to try it ’til later today, but it SOUNDS like it just got a lot easier to earn fragments, as long as the mission doesn’t take too long. Hopefully the next phase will make it easier to earn more slivers too. I’m sitting at 1900 slivers and 50~ fragments, and I’m a little worried I still might have to choose between the pet and outfit stuff at the end of the event. We’ll see what happens!

I’ll probably be running the event mission a lot, so look me up if you’re online and want to join me! In-game name is Biezel.


4 thoughts on “TSW: Killing Machine Achieved!

  1. Congratulations! Now just swap to a pistol/Ele wepon combo with the whip or quantum brace as your aux and then you can see the design just fine. . . . .

    I’d be happy to run the mission if you’d like to duo up. I’m Clarisse in-game, and I’ll be sure to add Biezel to my friend list.

  2. Congrats to the mean, lean killing machine! 😀

    And on the advise for different weapons: never give up the flamethrower… have it in your hands! 😀

  3. Lol. I like my FT too, but I still tend toward the whip in my NM dungeons. That mitigation debuff passive is too yummy to give up.

  4. Thanks guys! I haven’t played around with the whip much (just been using flamethrower for soloing and chainsaw for tanking), but I might have to try it to show off my threads 🙂

    I’ll add Clarisse and look for you online this weekend! Time get a bunch of those fragments so I don’t feel pressured to get a bunch in the last phase, hah.

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