RECAP: State of Play

Whoops, I haven’t posted anything in a week!


I’ve still been playing a lot, but I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern and haven’t had anything new to say. But it’s time for an update!

TSW: I haven’t had time for NM dungeons lately, so I’ve pretty much just been hunting rare spawns. I only have 3 left, and they’re all in City of the Sun God. They also absolutely REFUSE to appear for some reason, so I’ve been parked out by their spawn points and getting some reading done at the same time.

I don’t really have anything good to say about the current stage of The Whispering Tide, so I’ll just say I hope the next stage sees an easier way to earn currencies, and no more increased prices. Joel made some cryptic comments in the forums and I’m relatively confident we’ll see things shake up in the next phase or two.

FF14: I’m hanging out at 28 GLD right now, and have only played sporadically over the past week. This just doesn’t hold my attention quite as well as TSW. BUT one of my friends just transferred over to Balmung with me, so I’m looking forward to getting some time in this weekend, powering through more of the main story and maybe starting a Free Company. Now I just need to think of a good name.

Hearthstone: This is new. I got into the beta! I play a good amount of Magic, mostly just at prerelease events and sometimes on the weekends with friends, and Hearthstone feels like a stripped down, streamlined, and incredibly fun version of the same game. A lot of the card mechanics are similar, so it’s been really easy to pick up all the gameplay basics. I’ve never really been great at deckbuilding; choosing cards from a giant pool usually feels just a little overwhelming. But the arena mode in Hearthstone is like a sealed draft, and I love that type of play. You get to pick one card out of three to keep, and you do that thirty times to build your deck. It forces you to work with a random selection of cards, and I like that it puts everyone on an even playing field.

I’ve run mostly with the Paladin so far, but dabbling with the Rogue has been fun too, and I still have plenty of other classes to try. My battletag is biezel#1634, so add me if you want to play. Look for a more detailed post with screenshots soon!

I’ve been reading some great posts from fellow bloggers lately, too. Some thoughts about Rift’s conversion to F2P over at TAGN really echoed the way I felt about that whole process. And I really enjoyed Vagabond Sam’s impressions of Telltale’s new Fables game, A Wolf Among Us. The Walking Dead was an incredibly emotional game, and those characters and choices have stuck with me far longer than those in most games. Looking forward to picking that one up!


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