TSW: Joel Bylos Q&A Highlights

MMORPG.com connected with Joel Bylos, Game Director for TSW, and he made an appearance in their forums for an extensive AMA session yesterday (you can see the full thread here). He stuck around for awhile and answered a ton of questions, and I wanted to pull out a few of the ones I thought were especially interesting/exciting (in no particular order)…


Cosmetic weapon skins coming to the item store.
Joel: “They are made…they’ll show up shortly.”

I think this is a great use of the item store, and I REALLY hope they make some of them available to purchase with veteran points… because otherwise we don’t have much to do with those right now. Though he HAS mentioned portable banks for vet points coming soon, so there’s that at least. But re: weapons, some of the skins in game are gorgeous (I’m especially partial to the hammer and blade models) and I’d love to see what else they have up their sleeves.

Secondary factions in Tokyo.
Joel: “There are three “mini factions” in Tokyo. Players will need to work with all three.”

Interesting. I would love this to be a choice where we have to choose one of the factions and deal with the consequences! Another thing I’ve kind of missed from other MMOs is a rep grind of some kind. They’re not always well-implemented, but I like the feeling of progressing through the ranks in an organization and unlocking new rewards. Would be cool to see a set of secondary factions in addition to the big three, and maybe give us a way of rep grinding that lines up with those insane monster hunting achievements. I think secondary factions might require some serious system revision though, so realistically I’m guessing these “mini factions” will just show up as story elements without any gameplay ramifications. But maybe I’ll be wrong!


One scenario will be free and other will be included with Issue 8.
Joel: “One Scenario will be free. Augments are free, but if you only run one scenario with cooldown you will be at a disadvantage for drop rates. Issue #8 is a bundle of scenarios and the story mission.”

I like this. Give people a chance to try out the system before deciding if they want to drop more dollars on it.

No auxiliary weapon in Issue 8.
Joel: “Issue #8 does not have an aux weapon.”

Kind of disappointing, but I think with augments we’ll have plenty of uses for AP. Just looking forward to whatever we’ll find in Tokyo! Maybe we’ll see more than one, since it’s such a massive content addition.

Another new system for progression besides augments.
Joel: “No current plans to progress gear past 10.5. Instead we have two more paths of advancement we are pursuing, Augments and another to be revealed for Tokyo.”

Maybe he’s talked about this before, but this is the first time I’ve seen it.  This is really exciting, and I’m glad we’ll have options for progression that aren’t gear-based. Maybe since augments deal in AP we’ll gain access to a system that requires SP instead? He also mentions later in the thread that Tokyo introduces a system that, for the first time ever, behaves differently in PVE and PVP. I haven’t played much PVP, so I can’t speak to any of that, but it’s nice to see they’re thinking about it and considering the different gameplay styles before introducing new stuff.

Got a few new interesting topics to roll around in my head after that. Nothing earth-shattering, but this close to Issue 8, the Halloween event, and more Whispering Tide, I’m just fine without a huge info-dump. Did I miss anything exciting from his answers, or did something else catch your eye?

Also: early on, someone asked him about the status of the event, and he said: “I can’t offer you more than to say it won’t be “weeks” until it starts again. It will be much sooner than that.” So it looks like we’ll be fighting back more filth before long!


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