NBI: Blogs for Miles!

One week into the Newbie Blogger Initiative and I’m loving it! It feels good to think about and document my time in games, what’s happening in the different worlds, and learn about the perspectives of other bloggers old and new. I’ve been able to establish more consistent writing habits, a goal that has ELUDED me for a long time now. I think it helps to have some inspiration in the articles from other bloggers, and I find myself thinking about my writing while I’m playing games.

I’m so grateful to the sponsors of NBI, long-time bloggers I’ve followed like Syp who’ve linked here, and all the others talking about NBI and writing articles to inspire and encourage newer bloggers like me. It’s very cool to see, and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Here are a few of the other NBI blogs I’ve started following:

There’s more in the forums at the NBI site, but these are the ones I’ve enjoyed most so far! I’m happy to be a part of the initiative and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes in the next few weeks.

State of Games

TSW: I’ve actually tanked a few NM dungeons now, so look for a post about that soon! We’ll see the next stage of the event soon, so I’ll still be working on gathering slivers and fragments for NEW CLOTHES, and in my downtime I’ve started seeking out the are monsters so I can complete that achievement… also for new clothes.

FF14: I joined a grand company (Immortal Flames) and got my chocobo! Now I just have to hit 30 so he can join me on the fields of battle. Gladiator’s at 26, and I think I’m going to work on hitting 30 first, then get Conjurist to 15 for Paladin, and a few levels in Marauder to get that sweet leeching ability. Once I’ve done that I should probably get my Armorer and Mining skills up to snuff.


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