TSW: Can’t Escape the Whispering Tide

TSW’s current long-term event, The Whispering Tide, is almost through its second phase, and I am SO READY to see what’s next. About half because I’m excited to see the next stage, and half because I’m dead bored of running the same 10-minute mission over and over. It’s frustrating because that’s pretty much all I’ve done lately when I log in to the game, and STILL haven’t run any Nightmare dungeons.

The portal mission resets every half-hour and I feel a constant pressure to run it as much as I can. You earn currency each time, and it looks like it might be pretty expensive to buy all the event goodies I want by the end of it. The awesome Runic Automaton pet costs 75 fragments and I don’t remember how many slivers, and each mission run gets you one fragment. And I’m not even counting the honeycomb-style outfit pieces I want too. I’m really hoping we open up more ways to earn both currencies as the event progresses.

Speaking of progression, there’s a great interview with Joel about Issue 8 up at MMORPG.com. He loves to tease.

Anyway, with just 2 (I think) tentacles left on the portal we should be learning more soon. For those of you participating, how do you feel about the event so far? Are we at a good pace for unlocking new stages? How do these rewards stack up against those from older events?


2 thoughts on “TSW: Can’t Escape the Whispering Tide

  1. My feelings on the event are mixed. The things happening are great. The execution, on the other hand, is mediocre. I have to wait longer between filthy agartha missions that it takes me to do them. At the same time, the wait time is just so inconvenient, i can’t really finish a lot in between. This turns the event into a looong waiting event, and stuff which makes players wait more than they play is quite bad design.

    That being said, i still understand why it is being done the way it is. The first step of the event probably also was thought to last for a few days or perhaps even a week, but was completed in just one weekend. (And as i had very little time on the weekend and only checked that event for like 20 minutes, i now am short of the kind of ressources that were obtained there. ) Thus i guess as a “quick fix” the developers installed the waiting time, else the second phase also would’ve been over in just a few days and plent of people would’ve also missed out on this phase.

    I hope the developers managed to adjust the next phase, so it’ll be more fun and less waiting again, while at the same time avoiding players to burn through the phase in just a few days. After all, disregarding the massive waiting times the event is nicely done. Of course, the phases are handed out in small slices, but i like the concept.

  2. Re: missing currency from the first phase, I’m pretty sure (hopefully) at least one more phase will reward the same slivers, and ask for one of the other pure materials. Otherwise I’m screwed too, hah.

    And yeah, if they want this to last ’til Tokyo (I’m pretty sure that’s the plan) it’s a good thing they implemented some kind of timer independent of player action. We can be unpredictable! I’m comforting myself about this unexciting phase just thinking it gives them more time to perfect Tokyo.

    In good news, the last tentacle for this phase is < 500hp. Almost time for the next!

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