TSW: Space and void

The view from TSW’s Facility dungeon is undeniably cosmic. I love this whole area, and the last encounter does not disappoint. Across the room is an opposing view of Agartha, which is also pretty fantastic but a little more familiar at this point. This window is alien, made threatening by the encroaching tendrils of filth. Hostile. I can’t wait to learn more about what’s out there.

In other news, I played a little FF14 before work this morning and made it up to the Ifrit fight, but didn’t have time for an attempt. Hopefully I’ll hit that tonight, remember to take some screenshots, and report back soon!


2 thoughts on “TSW: Space and void

  1. Welcome newbie blogger!!!

    I’ve always loved the design of TSW. many of the details always seems to elude to some greater purpose or cause that makes you really think about the possibilities and such.

    Really need to head back and try those dungeons as I never got around to it

    1. Thanks! I love the big mysteries, and I’m looking forward to solving old ones and finding new ones in Tokyo. Of course, they’re on Issue 7 of new content and the lead developer recently said he has 24 issues loosely scripted, so we might not have everything cleared up for a while…

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